Basic offer of Teltraffic is focused on:

  • Wholesale services
  • Termination & origination

Teltraffic provides international carrier termination services to dozens of international carriers around the globe. Its senior management has been directly managing relationships with over 100 partners. This commitment to personal service has secured and strengthened these relationships. Teltraffic has increased annual growth year over year, in what has become a very, competitive market of VoIP communication providers.

Teltraffic provides a comprehensive set of wholesale long distance delivery services to carriers of all sizes worldwide as well as long distance call origination and delivery services for switchless long distance resellers and VoIP service providers across Poland. With a proprietary software architecture delivered by the TPH group (Teltraffic is a 100% subsidiary of TPH ), Teltraffic delivers high levels of network reliability, route diversity, rapid installation and customer support to its partners– all at competitive prices. This above mentioned software allows Teltraffic to consolidate traffic for small carriers – making it easy and economical for large carriers to provide local delivery services on their behalf.