About us

Teltraffic is a Polish based alternative telecommunication operator. Focused on serving the international market of voice termination Teltraffic is one of the leading providers in Central & Eastern Europe. The company's offer is intended primarily for foreign telecom operators who want to address central and eastern markets in general and the Polish market in particular.

Teltraffic offers voice termination, origination and “in country” services. One of many advantages of Teltraffic is the ability to provide highly competitive international rates with excellent quality and reliability. Teltraffic success is built around a robust international network that has been developed through own infrastucture across Poland, and via partnerships in Central European countries as well as over a dozen other countries as well. The company currently provides services to approximately 30 global partners with over 100 service providers around the world.

Teltraffic is part of the TelePolska Holding S.A. and receives support and resources from its mother company. This organization brings financial stability, transparent information policy and access to additional resources, which supports Teltraffic rapid growth. It gives Teltraffic access to a Polish in country network, via interconnects with the incumbent, as well as direct connections with all Polish mobile operators. Securing an optimal cost base, of course resulting in attractive and competitive prices for fixed and mobile termination into Poland. Tele-Polska Holding S.A. (TPH) group is publicly listed on NewConnect, a unit of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

The TPH group offer includes:

  • voice services,
  • Internet access,
  • data transmission and
  • value added services (such as hosting and collocation).